The Quran is the word of God Almighty and is the driving guidance for all mankind. It is our duty at to bring this divine guidance Free to all who are seeking the truth.

Quran free of charge in English

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“This Is The Book About Which There Is No Doubt, A Guidance For Those Conscious of God”

Quran, 2:2

Quran mailed to you Free of Charge

English Translation Only

“It Is He Who Sent Down To Thee, In Truth, The Book (Quran), Confirming What Went Before It; And He Sent Down The Law (Of Moses) And The Gospel (Of Jesus) Before This, As A Guide To Mankind”

Quran, 3:3

“And He Found You Lost And Guided You”

Quran, 93:7

“Whoever Relies Upon God, Then He Is Sufficient For Him”

Quran, 65:3

Ideas of how to distribute Quran

You can become an ambassador of Peace and give FREE copies of Quran to your Neighbors, Colleagues and Friends.

You may keep copies of Quran in your car and distribute it at as FREE GIFT at a 4 way red light crossing, or at a gas station, or a mall.

You may also place the Quran on a stand, booth, counter, stall by the road side, free market, fair grounds or carnivals and malls. Additional stands may be placed at local businesses (with permission) i.e. waiting areas of workshop, doctors office , with signs of FREE QURAN